The errors specific to macsyfinder and macsydata


exception macsypy.error.MacsyDataLimitError[source]

Raised when the maximum number of github api call is reached

exception macsypy.error.MacsydataError[source]

Raised when error is encounter during model package handling

exception macsypy.error.MacsypyError[source]

The base class for MacSyFinder specific exceptions.


list of weak references to the object (if defined)

exception macsypy.error.ModelInconsistencyError[source]

Raised when a definition model is not consistent.

exception macsypy.error.OptionError[source]

Raised when command line option is not set properly

exception macsypy.error.SystemDetectionError[source]

Raised when the detection of systems from Hits encountered a problem.