… MacSyFinder - Detection of macromolecular systems in protein datasets
using systems modelling and similarity search. Authors: Sophie Abby, Bertrand Néron Copyright © 2014-2022 Institut Pasteur (Paris), and CNRS. See the COPYRIGHT file for details MacsyFinder is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3). See the COPYING file for details.


manage the paralelization of code which execute in fine hmmsearch to find the genes constituting the models in the input dataset.

search_genes API reference


Manage the hmm step (hmmsearch or recover results from previous run) in parallele

macsypy.search_genes.search_genes(genes, cfg)[source]

For each gene of the list, use the corresponding profile to perform an Hmmer search, and parse the output to generate a HMMReport that is saved in a file after CoreHit filtering. These tasks are performed in parallel using threads. The number of workers can be limited by worker_nb directive in the config object or in the command-line with the “-w” option.